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The Membership Committee focuses on new member recruitment and retention. It establishes goals for increasing membership, leads and manages the WCC Membership Drive.  It promotes the value of membership and doing business with members and associate members; encourages volunteer participation and advocates the principles and mission of WCC... communicates why WCC membership matters. The Membership Committee collaborates with the Marketing Committee to develop and keep current resources needed such as; membership packets and outreach materials designed for members, public agencies and other awareness campaigns under the guidance and direction of the WCC Board of Directors.


Events Committee plans and promotes networking and outreach events, special annual events, and event fundraisers for members and prospective members.  The Events Committee will design email invitations/flyers, coordinate locations of events and keep a current calendar of events and activities, etc. Events Committee will coordinate with the Marketing Committee when necessary and keep the WCC Board informed of event planning.


The Education Committee will develop and promote educational forums, sessions, training, and periodicals relating to the industry. The committee will review and recommend educational programs; scholarships/grants and events that encourage young women pursuing a career in construction or students seeking educational opportunities.


This Public Policy Committee advises the WCC board of directors on public policy issues that will or may affect the WCC organization, its members and is relevant to the industry. The WCC Board makes the final decision on adopting any public policy position. In the event that no position is taken, the WCC board may still distribute information about an issue to the members as informational only. The committee will develop recommendations using the WCC mission statement as a guideline.  The Committee’s principal is to anticipate and react to emerging issues, monitor legislation, and governmental policies at the local, state and federal levels.


The Marketing/Promotions Committee's principal responsibilities are as follows: Develop, implement, and evaluate the marketing plan in support of the WCC mission in an effort to promote a positive image for the WCC.  The committee is responsible for all facets of marketing, including public relations, media relations, promotions, advertising, and research. The committee will track how effective marketing efforts are by keeping a record of positive and negative feedback. The Marketing/Promotions Committee will also collaborate with the Membership Committee to develop and keep current resources needed such as; membership packets and outreach materials designed for members, public agencies, and media releases. The WCC Board will review all materials prior to distribution.

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